A man, Christian preacher, pastor and evangelist, Bill Keller with LivePrayer posing for the press in front of a bookcase.
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Media Talking Points & Interview Topics

• Bill Keller -- World's Leading Internet Evangelist
• Liveprayer.com -- 60 Million Prayer Requests Strong
• Ex-Con Turned Popular TV Talk Show Host and Online Evangelist
• Why The Church In America Deserves a Bad Report Card
• Separation of Church and State -- Exposed!
• Signs of the Times -- Revelation and the Coming Apocalypse
• Christianity and Islam: The Final Showdown is Coming
• Mormonism: Cult not Christianity!
• Da Vinci Code -- Exchanging the Truth for a Lie
• "The Jesus Papers" -- Utter Rubbish of the Worst Order
• Taking On the Rulers of Late Night TV
• Hollywood -- Why It Needs a Spiritual Makeover
• Teenagers -- How To Reach a Lost Generation