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Daily Devotional for Tuesday September 21, 2021

When a nation is under the judgment of God, God allows evil men to rise to power!


(Matthew 5:44)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, I ask You today to open my heart and my Spirit to receive what You have for me today. Let me hear Your voice clearly and obediently follow You. Give me the strength to forgive those who seek to hurt me and my family. Use me oh Lord, for Your glory and to advance Your Kingdom! In the name of Jesus...AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: When a nation is under the judgment of God, God allows evil men to rise to power. Just read the OT. God’s judgment on the wicked children of Israel often included allowing a wicked king to rise to power, to allow their enemies to be victorious. Today, not only did God allow Joe Biden to become President last November, even though he is totally unable to perform the job and is controlled by globalist President Barack Hussein Obama . “Avatar” President Biden didn’t even campaign for the Presidency, Big Tech and the corporate media was the Biden campaign! Add to that the fact anyone who has even a modicum understanding of mathematics understands that the vote totals attributed to Biden and how he broke EVERY SINGLE historic norm on his path the Presidency was literally IMPOSSIBLE unless massive fraud was involved. Sadly, almost a year later that massive fraud is now being proven in key states like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. DON’T FORGET, GOD ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN IN THE FURTHERANCE OF HIS JUDGMENT ON THIS WICKED NATION!

In just 8 months, Biden’s globalist handlers have managed to take us from energy independence to once again being energy dependence. They took an economy that prior to the pandemic was as strong as ever in the history of the nation and was starting to rebound, to runaway inflation, continued stagnate unemployment, while pushing for trillions more in spending on the globalist agenda that will cripple the nation for generations. We have unbridled crime in cities throughout the nation that is being amped up by rogue DA’s who push for no cash bond, refuse to even charge many classifications of crime, and seek to let criminals out of prison early. Add to that the demonization and defunding of police departments, and cities across the country are crime-infested warzones. After 3 years of fighting Democrats and Republicans alike, the final year of the Trump Presidency saw the southern border as secure as it has been in the last 4 decades. In the first weeks of the Biden Administration they reversed every policy that created that security, allowing over 1.3 MILLION illegal aliens that we know of into the country, and upwards of 200,000 more who are in country without any contact with border officials. This will result in unknown amounts of crime against US citizens as well as allowing the Mexican cartels a clear path bring drugs into the county and traffic humans.

Every foreign policy move over the last 5 months has been to the detriment and damage of the United States. Restoring funding to the incompetent Chinese controlled WHO that President Trump defunded. Getting back into the foolish Paris Climate Accords that we will fund with BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. Begging Iran to get back into the fatally flawed Iran Nuclear deal with billions of dollars in bribes. Allowing Russia to generate billions of dollars for decades to come with the gas pipeline deal with Germany that the Trump Administration had shut down. Soft on the CCP. Biden being the first President in HISTORY to be condemned by the British Parliament in addition to having France recall their Ambassador to the US, another first in history. The absolute nightmare in Afghanistan that has already cost the lives of 13 of our brave troops, hundreds of Afghanis, 10 innocents mistaken for terrorists, 7 of which were children, and only God knows how many US citizens and Afghan nationals who worked for the US. ALL OF THAT IN JUST 8 MONTHS AND ALL 100% ON PURPOSE. GOD HAS ALLOWED ALL OF THIS IN THE FURTHERANCE OF HIS JUDGMENT ON THIS NATION!

Lastly, let me share another evil that has been hidden in the government bureaucracy for decades, Dr. “mengele’ Fauci! His loyalty is NOT to the US but to China and Big Pharma. He purposely lied about the origins of the COVID outbreak, blaming it on nature when there was not ONE OUNCE of evidence to support that theory. At every turn he sought to cover for China, partly to hide the FACT he funded over 60 research projects in Wuhan, China with tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Don’t forget, all of these research labs have connections to the Chinese military! When documents uncovered those facts, he then lied about it to Congress and the American people. Fauci also shilled for Big Pharma by denying the efficacy of various therapeutics that have saved millions of lives worldwide. This was to push the vaccinations that are making Big Pharma billions in profits, even though it has cost unknown number of lives who could have been saved with proven therapeutics. Also, don’t forget Fauci was responsible for research using organs and body parts taken from babies that were to be aborted, but were delivered alive so there was fresh blood flowing while their organs were harvested. He also oversaw research on dogs who were infested with parasites and allowed to die a slow and painful death. YOU WANT EVIL, “MENGELE” FAUCI IS EVIL! SADLY MY FRIEND, THIS IS WHAT A NATION UNDER GOD’S JUDGMENT IS LIKE. A NATION WHERE GOD ALLOWS EVIL TO ABOUND. MAY WE ALL PRAY FOR NATIONAL REPENTANCE, TO TURN BACK TO GOD AND HIS TRUTH SO WE CAN ONCE AGAIN KNOW HIS BLESSINGS!!!

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There was once a man named Saul of Tarsus. To the early Christians he was an evil man. He sought to kill those who followed Jesus Christ. One day on the road to Damascus, God visited Saul. Saul of Tarsus became Paul, one of the most powerful Christians that ever lived. A man God used to write a good portion of the New Testament and plant many of the early churches that still exist today. I have no doubt that those in the early church followed the example of Jesus and PRAYED FOR SAUL!!! Be like Jesus, and pray for your enemies.

I am about to give you a quick spiritual test. What is your attitude towards your enemies? We all have those people in our life that we just can't get along with. We all have those people in our life that don't like us. We all have those people in our life that do not wish us well. What is your attitude towards those people? It is easy to like your friends, but how do you feel about those who do not like you? On the ladder of spiritual maturity, this is a very big rung. How we feel about and deal with those people in our life that are NOT our friends, is a major indicator of our spiritual growth and maturity.

Of course, our perfect example in this area is Jesus. How did He handle those who were involved in his death? He loved them, He forgave them, and He prayed for them. This becomes the standard that we must work to achieve in this area. We must love those who hate us. We must forgive those who mean to do us harm. We must pray for those who are out to get us. You see, the Bible says the Lord will fight for us, that the "battle is the Lord's." The reason God fights for us is that we can get so weary, so worn out, that we become ineffective for God. We become so distracted in fighting those who oppose us, we lose sight of our mission which is to serve and glorify Him with our lives.

I realize today that you have people in your life that wish only the worst upon you. Love those people today, pray for them. Anyone that has allowed bitterness to become such a stronghold in their life needs our prayers. Those who allow bitterness and hatred to creep into their life are to be pitied. They are hurting themselves, so out of that hurt, lash out on those around them.

Pray for them. Pray the Lord will grant them peace. Pray the Lord will take the hatred and bitterness from them and replace it with peace and joy. Love them!!!

How? In our own strength, it is NOT POSSIBLE to love, or pray for our enemies. That is when we need to tap into the strength only God can give us. In our own strength, it is virtually impossible to love and pray for our enemies. But when we let God take over, when we call upon His strength, it is possible. AND THIS IS WHAT THE LORD IS CALLING YOU TO DO TODAY!!

Make a list right now of everyone in your life that means you harm. Make a list of your enemies. My suggestion is that you call each one, or meet with each one and tell them you love them, forgive them, and are praying for them. At least sit down each morning, and pray for them. THIS IS WHAT GOD IS CALLING YOU TO DO TODAY!!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I realize that these are difficult words to hear, and even more difficult to put into action. Trust me, there is a key of freedom attached with what I am telling you today. A freedom that you cannot begin to understand. This is a test, a spiritual test. I will pray for you today that you pass it with flying colors. It is no accident that you are reading these words today. God is clearly speaking to you.

Take a few minutes right now, and pray for all of those in your life that are not your friends, that are against you. Pray for their souls, and then pray the Lord will bless them and open their hearts to His love. God is calling you today to rise above the day-to-day emotions of life. Realize that the wars we fight are not of this earth, not of flesh and blood, but are spiritual. Pray for your enemies today, and be like Jesus!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller