ljnewlin Prayed for 18 times.
My son Ryan, who has a problem with alcohol, lost his job and is in jeopardy of losing his apartment and being homeless. He is hostile towards the faith but needs God's help in a mighty way. Please pray.
Received: 09/23/2018
Marco Prayed for 20 times.
Prayer please!
Doctor's appointment tomorrow.... Worried....
Received: 08/30/18
Judy Prayed for 31 times.
Please pray for my son to do the right thing!
Received: 08/28/18
Anonymous Prayed for 22 times.
I am having problems with my throat.
I am having problems with my throat and swallowing and now I am having anxiety attacks all the time . Thoughts like I am going to die from this. I can't relax or sleep anymore either. It's on my mind nonstop . I find that interesting since I have been battling evil in this house I live in, and all the praise and worship I have done here. I feel they are attacks on me. I have only had these problems since living in this house. Please pray for me that this stops!
Received: 08/21/18
Anonymous Prayed for 12 times.
Urge Fast & Pray
Urge Fast & Pray. Heavenly father forgive all our sins (me, daughter, husband) shower YOUR mercy & deliver me from evil (unwanted-uneven-ugly thoughts could not control). Touch, heal our mind, body, soul. Destroy all evil plans. Wrap us under YOUR wings & save my family from hell. Help my daughter in her study-exams, give her wisdom-knowledge, and keep us healthy-happy. Protect us from all infections-illness. Control my husband's anger help him, shower YOUR love, peace, forgiveness, Protect my job-no one may harm me at my job place. Provide me finance, hide identity, In Jesus' name, Amen
Received: 08/20/18
Anonymous Prayed for 13 times.
I helped my brother out!
I helped my brother out of a financial problem 6 years ago. It has been a battle to get the money back even though he always promised. He recently declared bankruptcy so I will never see my money back and it was a very large sum. I thought I had forgiven him, but this recent turn of events has brought up new pain. My other family is not supportive and just tells me to get over it. I know that I have to forgive him and let it go, but I am struggling with this. Please pray for this and peace for me.
Received: 08/19/18