Daily Devotional for Wednesday August 10, 2022

If you weren’t awake before, I hope you are now!!! and, Do miracles still occur today?



(John 2:9; Exodus 14:21; Joshua 6:20; John 11:43)

***DAILY PERSONAL PRAYER FOR YOU: Dear Lord, use me as an instrument to bring unity within Your Body. Help me to take my stand for You with other brothers and sisters in Christ who won't bow their knee to baal, or compromise their faith for ANY reason. Empower me through Your Holy Spirit and let me be part of Your Body, walking in unity for Your glory! In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!!!

***THE DAILY LIVEPRAYER TV NUGGET: If you aren’t awake yet, I don’t know what else you need! The FBI raid on former President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Largo should not just be of concern to everyone, but is the best evidence to date of what I have been warning you about since God allowed the 2020 Presidential election to be stolen and an illegitimate “avatar” who is controlled by former President Barack Hussein Obama and global elites to be installed as POTUS. The same FBI who lied 4 times to the FISA court to get warrants to illegally spy on the Trump campaign and Presidency, used the allegation of a violation of the Presidential Records Act as a pretense to go “fishing.” Trump’s attorneys and the National Archives have been in talks for 6 months to return documents the Archives claim belong to the government. A few months ago, Trump turned over 15 boxes of such records. This was an ongoing situation that was used as the pretense to get a search warrant to raid Trump’s home and office in search for such documents. IN REALITY THEY WERE LOOKING FOR DOCUMENTS THAT MAY BE TIED TO JANUARY 6TH OR ANY NUMBER OF OTHER ISSUES TRUMP IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR BY THE DOJ AS WELL AS SEVERAL STATE ATTORNEY GENERALS. A sweep of documents like this would also possibly include sensitive papers involving Trump’s legal team as well as his various private business deals. Technically, the FBI is not allowed to look at anything they confiscated until what they seized is gone thru by a special master so papers not related to the search warrant aren’t looked at. IF YOU THINK THAT HAPPENED I HAVE SOME BEAUTIFUL BEACH FRONT PROPERTY IN DES MOINES IOWA I CAN SELL YOU VERY CHEAP! Ever since the stolen election, especially after the FBI operation on January 6th, I have been helping the TV audience understand that the Obama and the globalists let their guard down in 2016, looking at Hillary as inevitable and Trump as a joke. Well, God had another plan! At least 6 months prior to the 2020 Presidential election I laid out the cabal of domestic and global powers who were never going to let Trump be re-elected no matter what it took. They almost failed since Trump received over 12 million more votes than he received in 2016, causing the powers running the steal in 6 key swing states to shut down all vote counting in the middle of the night, only to resume the next day with enough ballots for Biden to win the election. From that moment on, the Globalists were consumed with two goals. Never let Donald Trump ever run for office again and send a clear message to the 75 million people who voted for him that they need to sit down and shut up. January 6th was an FBI operation just like the Russia hoax they concocted as well as the fake Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot that was made public a month before the 2020 election to try and hurt Donald Trump with critical Michigan voters. The Democratic led House even impeached Trump just weeks before he was to leave office. Impeachment is designed to remove a rogue President. However, the purpose wasn’t to remove him, that was going to happen automatically in just weeks. No, it was done because if convicted in the Senate Trump could never hold public office again. When that failed, they put together the Kabuki Theater we have been watching unfold over the past months better known as the January 6th Committee. Again, this was designed to at worst damage Trump politically so he couldn’t win if he ran for President again, and at best to put him in prison. As that committee winds down it is clear that they have only made Trump stronger throughout their disgusting, one-sided hatchet job. So that really leaves those who want Trump off the political battlefield with two options. Indict him for whatever they decide to concoct whether it is some violation of the Presidential Records Act, something nobody has ever been prosecuted for in US history, or indict him for something January 6th related like obstruction of a Congressional proceeding. Here is the problem they have. Even if they indict him today, it will NOT keep him from running in 2024 and there is no way they will even get him to trial before the 2024 election. My gut is with an indictment one of their only two paths to stop him from running or wounding him to make him unelectable, the DOJ will indict him for something, most likely BEFORE the November mid-terms violating a standing DOJ practice about potentially affecting an election. THEY NO LONGER CARE ABOUT PAST PRECEDENT! The other path is something I have been asking the TV audience to pray about for the last year or so, and that is to have him assassinated. I am sorry, but political assassinations have sadly been a part of our 246 year history as a nation. This would literally tear our nation apart. We are already going through an ideological civil war with the blue states versus red states. Killing former President Trump would take this nation to a place we haven’t been since the end of the civil war in the 1800s. Here is what you must understand. OBAMA AND THE GLOBALISTS DON’T CARE! ALL THEY WANT IS FOR THE UNITED STATES TO BE DAMAGED TO THE POINT IT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER NATION. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE PURPOSELY DESTROYING THE ECONOMY, HAVE OPENED OUR BORDERS TO THE WORLD AND EVERY CRIMINAL ELEMENT ON THE PLANET, ALLOWED CRIMINALS TO RULE OUR CITIES, AND TURNED US INTO A JOKE ON THE WORLD STAGE. Donald Trump threatens all of this damage they have brought to our country these past 19 months and they are not going to let that one man stand in their way. Pray for the former President, his family, and their safety. Pray for our nation. God is allowing all of this to take place as part of His judgment. May His people rise up at this moment in human history, since we, the people of God, are the only ones who can save our nation!

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The very first miracle Jesus performed was when He turned the water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana of Galilee. I know many who reject the Bible laugh at the miracles recorded in God's Word. They refuse to believe the Red Sea actually parted, or the walls of Jericho were brought down with some trumpets and shouting, or that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, or any number of miracles that are documented in the Bible. Even if you believe that these Biblical miracles occurred, it still begs the question, do miracles exist today?

Let me end any drama and answer that question right up front...YES!!! I consider myself to be incredibly blessed if for no other reason, I get to come to the Liveprayer office every day and see God working miracles in people's lives. People being healed, marriages restored, financial needs met, are just a few of the miracles I see on a daily basis. Every single day I personally witness hundreds of examples of God working miracles in the lives of real people.

The Bible teaches us that God is no respecter of persons. That simply means what God has done for someone else He will do for you. The fact is, God is working miracles in people's lives every day, and that includes people just like you! I can guarantee you there have been numerous times in your life when God has stepped in and done something only He could have done. There is no other logical explanation other than "God did it!" That my friend is what a miracle is. It is God doing what only God can do!

Most people don't even realize how many miracles God works in their life because they don't fully comprehend that some of the things God does for them, are things only God could do for them! If you take a moment and think back on different trials that you have had to face in your life, and how God stepped in and met your need, that my friend is a MIRACLE! You can't manufacture a miracle, you can't force a miracle to happen, a miracle is something that God and only God can do in accordance with His sovereign will.

***YOU CAN'T BUY MIRACLES EITHER! Remember Simon the Sorcerer in the Book of Acts? God's power is not for sale, however, it is available to those who seek it to build His Kingdom. Additionally, miracles of God can't be marketed like a box of cereal. They don't occur at a predetermined time and place or happen like turning on a light switch, but they happen sovereignly as God sees fit.

Let me share this with you today. When God can take your problems and turn them into blessings, that is a miracle. Only God can take your problems and turn them into blessings. I assure you today that taking problems and turning them into blessings is every much a miracle as when Jesus turned the water into wine! I can think back on my life, I know you can think back on your life, how we were facing some major issue. God didn't just help us get victory over whatever that issue was, but He turned our problem into a blessing. THAT IS A MIRACLE ONLY GOD COULD PERFORM!!!

I love you and care about you so much. I know today many who are reading this are looking for God to perform a miracle in their life and circumstances. You are at a place where ONLY GOD can help you. The Bible tells us that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! I want you to hear that powerful truth from God's Word today, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! Now is not the time for despair but for hope. Now is not the time for sorrow but for joy. Our God is still a miracle working God in the year 2022!!!

I will be praying for you today. Praying specifically for the miracle that you need in your life. No matter how great or small your need may be, God can step in and work the miracle that you are looking for today. Whether it is for healing in your body, the restoration of your marriage or another relationship, a financial need to be met, or perhaps it is for a job, or a car, or something at school. No matter what your need is, no matter how great or how small that need may be, God is able to step in and do what nobody else can do and meet your need.

Sadly, so many scoff at the idea of God working miracles. The truth is, their very life is a miracle. The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust, and likewise God works miracles in the lives of His children as well as the lives of those who have rejected Him. I pray today that those who deny the Lord, who are the recipients of His miracle-working power, will fall to their knees and acknowledge God for who He is and put their hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

Yes, the Bible is full of many great miracles, but God is still performing miracles today. God's mercy and grace and miracle-working power is available to everyone. No matter where you are today, no matter what you may be facing, open your heart to the Lord and call on His name. I will be praying with you and for you to see the miracle-working hand of God in your life today!

Do miracles still exist today? ABSOLUTELY. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!! I am praying for you today and for the miracle you need!!!

In His love and service,

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Bill Keller