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Satanist Gets Saved


Video of the show when Denise called in.

Audio telephone conversation of Denise's Testimony.

During the program on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning July 13th), a call came in from a woman in Daytona Beach, Florida. She started out by telling me that she had been a satan worshipper since she was a child, having been involved all of her adult life in the Satanic Church. In my Spirit, I knew a battle was coming. I literally moved to the edge of my chair and got my face into the camera, to get right into the face of satan and take control of the situation. I looked into the camera and told that woman that it was no accident or coincidence she had been watching the program, that with thousands of people trying to call into the program, God had allowed her call to get through.

I asked her if she was ready to renounce satan and confess Jesus Christ as her Lord. she hesitated and started to stutter. I knew there was a battle going on in the heavenlies, and asked her again. This time she meekly said yes. I looked into the camera and rebuked satan and told this woman that her time with satan was over, that Jesus was here to save her. I asked her again if she was ready to renounce satan and accept Christ. This time in a stronger voice she said she was. I then led her in the prayer of salvation, having her renounce satan, confess her sins, ask God's forgiveness, and accept Christ into her heart and life by faith.

Afterwards, one of our ministers spent over an hour on the phone with her, counseling her, and will be following up with her to insure she gets involved in a good local church. This morning, she emailed this audio testimony to us. Pray for D. Pray for her as she begins her new life with Christ. For all of those who have been praying for, fasting, and sacrificing to support the Liveprayer TV program, THIS is the reason we do what we do. This is a woman that was NEVER going to go to church, watch Christian TV, or hear the message of Christ's love any other way. YOU made it possible for her to have the opportunity to turn from the everlasting darkness of following satan, to the everlasting life of knowing Jesus as her Savior!


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